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Testing Staff

Baltazar-Ramos, Ester
Assistant Principal
Marks, Yesenia

Standardized Testing Info

NOTE: Please scroll down to bottom for Testing Schedules






Report to regularly scheduled classes on

Thursday April 8.



Secure Browsers

For 2020-2021, a Secure Browser must be installed on each computer or tablet that will be used for student testing.


SEE How Students Take STATE Tests at Home Instructional Document from LAUSD Testing Unit HERE


  • BROWSER WARNINGS: Please read the WARNINGS below BEFORE installing a browser to your computing device (desktop, laptop, etc.).  Be sure your Operating System is compatible and supported with the Secure Browsers required for testing.  IF NOT, use a school/district issued Chromebook (see below).


  • CHROMEBOOK SECURE BROWSERS: Chromebooks issued by Bravo HS or LAUSD DO NOT need to have browsers installed.  Secure Browsers for testing are already installed.  Chromebooks simply require that they be regularly and properly shut down and restarted in order for updates sent over the internet from the district to take effect.




  • OPERATING SYSTEM WARNING: BE SURE to carefully check that the operating system of your computer/laptop is on the table.  If it is not, or you are unsure, it is best to check out and use a school or district issued Chromebook for testing.



About Supported Browsers

  • Only supported operating system versions are listed in the lnked SECURE BROWSER TABLE
  • These operating systems are supported when software is directly installed on machines and devices. Some types of network installation are also supported.

Warning: Support for New Desktop Operating Systems

Desktop operating systems, in particular new versions of those operating systems, not in the above table are not supported. Do not upgrade to new operating systems on computers used to administer online assessments.


Warning: Support for Updated Mobile Operating Systems

Turn off or delay automatic updates of the iOS and Chrome operating systems. Doing so will allow changes to these systems to be reviewed and any that pose a potential risk to student testing to be addressed. Announcements will be posted to the CAASPP Portal when a new mobile operating system can be used for testing.

SBAC SCHEDULE (Subject to Change)

SBAC SCHEDULE (Subject to Change)

NOTE: SBAC Testing currently delayed

until further notice


(Session 1) 9:00 am-12:00 pm         (Session 2)  12:35-2:15 pm


CAST (Science)

Grade: 12

Group Odd: (P1,P3,P5)

Testing Date: 4/20, 2021

Extra Time:  4/22, 2021

Wrap up: 4/22, 2021

Grade: 12

Group Even (P2, P4, P6)

Testing Date: 4/21, 2021

Extra Time:  4/23, 2021

Wrap Up: 4/23, 2021

Grade: 11

Group Odd: (P1,P3,P5)

Testing Date: 4/27, 2021

Extra Time/Make-Up: 4/29, 2021

Wrap Up/Make-Up: 4/29, 2021

Grade: 11

Group Even (P2, P4, P6)

Testing Date: 4/28, 2021

Extra Time/Make up: 4/30, 2021

Wrap Up/Make up: 4/30, 2021


Grade: 11

Group O (P1,P3,P5)

Testing Date: Postponed

Extra Time/Make Up: 4/13/21

Final X Time/Make Up: 4/15 (Pull out method)

Wrap Up: 4/15

Grade: 11

Group E (P2, P4, P6)

Testing Date:Postponed

Extra Time/Make Up: 4/14

Final X Time/Make Up: 4/16 (Pull out method)

Wrap up:  4/16


Grade: 11

Group O (P1,P3,P5)

Testing Date: 5/6/21

Extra Time/Make Up: 5/11/21

Final Time/Make Up : 5/13 (Pull out method)

Wrap up: 5/13

Grade:  11

Group E (P2, P4, P6)

Testing Date: 5/7/21

Extra Time/Make Up: 5/12/21

Additional Time/Make Up: 5/14/21 (Pull out method)

Wrap up / Make Up: 5/14/21



            MARCH 8-17 (GRADES 11)                                                                 MARCH 8- MARCH 25 (GRADES 9&10)