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Counselor & Support Staff Contact Information

You may also contact Academic Counselors and other Bravo Support Staff via the Counselor/Support Staff Contact Flyer

Counselor & Support Staff Directory

Andrews, Brandon
Athletic Director/ Dean
Arellano, Felipe
School Administrative Assistant
Barrio, Cynthia
De La Cruz, Marisol
Senior Office Technician
Dypiangco, Millicent
Magnet Coordinator
Elizalde, Maria
Office Technician
Escobedo, Nancy
Senior Office Technician
Gatchalian, Venancio
School Nurse
Gebremedhin, Seble
School Psychologist
Gutierrez, Lisa
Guyon, Austin
Office Technician
Hollinshead, Deanne
Izquierdo, Korina
Marin, Adrian
Office Technician
Montes, Victoria
Morales, Marcela
Office Technician
Moreno, Jessica
Moreno, Lonny
Paderez, Stephanie
Office Technician
Ruedas, Edith
Saucedo, Elizabeth
Solis, Abigail
Community Representative
Williams-Wakasa, Gina
Assistant Principal

Offices & Support Services

Offices & Support Services

Please see descriptions and links below and in the navigation menu to the left for Offices and Support Services at Bravo.

Magnet Office
Millicent Dypiangco, Magnet School Coordinator
Marisol De La Cruz, Magnet Sr. Office Technician
Marcela Morales, Magnet Office Technician
The Magnet Office at Bravo has several responsibilities. The Magnet Office is the liaison with the medical community and other community partners. It also coordinates 9th grade student orientation, articulation, and registration as well as student transportation. Community service/volunteer opportunities and work permits are also fielded by the Magnet Office. 

College Center
Victoria Montes, College Advisor
The College Advisor guides and advises students and their families on post secondary school plans. The Advisor will coordinate and implement on going dissemination of information to students, parents, and faculty members pertaining to college admission process.

Parent Center
Abigail Solis, Parent Representative
Ana Sandoval Guzman, Parent Representative
The Parent Center is a resource and information center. The Community Liaisons are Mrs. Solis and Ms. Castellanos. The Center is open for all parents from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30p.m. daily.

Dean's Office
Brandon Andrews, Dean
Bravo's Dean of Discipline is a valuable resource to students, parents and Bravo Faculty. The dean enforces school rules and policies. Any discipline issue can be directed to the Dean's Office.

Counseling Office
Deanne Hollinshead, Counselor
Lonny Moreno, Counselor
Edith Ruedas, Counselor
Korina Izquierdo, Counselor

Elizabeth Saucedo, Counselor
Nancy Escobedo, Senior Office Technician
Stephanie Paderez, Office Technician

Bravo High School provides support for students to be successful in a comprehensive rigorous program. Counselors support students with their academic career, and personal/social development through individual counseling and group presentations. Counselors also meet with parents to plan an individual graduation plan with and for students.

Title I Office
Gina Williams-Wakasa, Assistant Principal, Title I
Maria Elizalde, Office Technician
The Title I coordinator complies with the state and federal guidelines to provide intervention services to Bravo students and parents. After school tutoring, teacher aides, Saturday academies, counseling and Parent Center are examples of intervention services available.

Health Office
Venancio Gatchalian, School Nurse
Aracely Cedano, LVN

The school nurse provides care and intervention for student's health issues. These include first aid treatment, immunization compliance follow-up, sports participants' clearance, least restrictive environment provisions, counseling and referrals. Prevention measures are also an integral part of the Health office functions.

School Climate Advocate

Ignacio Solis, School Climate Advocate

The School Climate Advocate assists by providing a safe and positive school culture and climate, while understanding the needs of students, families, staff, and community members.

School Psychologist
Seble Gebremedhin, School Psychologist
The school psychologist is professionally trained to work with school-aged children, their teachers, and family. Some of the responsibilities include working with students, parents and teachers to evaluate academic skills, eligibility for special education services, learning aptitudes, social skills, and emotional developments through the Students Success Team provide educational management, behavioral modification and learning strategies. The school psychologist also provides individual counseling counseling for students.

Library Services
Lisa Gutierrez, Librarian
Bravo is fortunate to have a very beautiful library located on the 5th floor. Everyone is encouraged to visit and use the vast resources available.

Speech & Language
The Speech Therapist works with children in the areas of articulation, language, stuttering and voice. Students with Individualized Education Plans are serviced.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Provides training to students with hearing losses, including:
· Auditory training
· Speech reading
· Hearing conversation
Students with Individualized Education Plans are serviced.

Special Education Clerk
Stephanie Paderez, Office Technician (Counseling Office)
Assists with referrals for Student Success Team, Special Education policies and procedures.

Meet our Counselors

Find Your Counselor According to Your Last Name


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      Mrs. Ruedas                  Ms. Izquierdo

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  Mrs. Saucedo