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Electronic Devices/Dress Code Policy

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy



Students are permitted to possess cellular phones, pagers, or electronic signaling devices on campus provided that any such device remains “off” and stored in a locker, backpack, purse, pocket, or other place where it is not visible during normal school hours, or school activities.


Students are permitted to use cellular phones, or other electronic devices on campus before school and after school ONLY.


If there is reasonable suspicion any student is inappropriately using cellular phones or other electronic devices, students must comply and cease the use of such devices immediately.


If an electronic device is observed by staff, during school hours the devices shall be confiscated until redeemed by a parent/guardian/caregiver or as determined by the school principal/designee.  Passing periods are considered instructional time.   Students are not to use electronic devices during passing periods.


Photographing, videotaping, or otherwise recording individuals without their permission is strictly prohibited.


Students are discouraged from bringing personal items of value (cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, electronic games, radios, CD players, cameras, and computers, etc) to school since loss, theft, or damage is possible. Also, such items are distracting to the educational process and may be confiscated by school personnel.


LAUSD is not responsible for students’ lost or stolen cell phones and electronic devices*.

*Electronic devices include, but are not limited to iPods, mp3 players, music players, electronic game, toys, pagers, radios, CD players, cameras, bluetooth earpieces, and computers.



Bravo Dress Code

Bravo Dress Code Policy

Bravo believes that students and their parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that students’ clothing is appropriate, neat, clean, and properly fit for school.  No clothing will be allowed that is offensive, display any inappropriate material, be distractive or create a safety problem.  Administrators and school staff have the ultimate responsibility in determining whether students’ clothing and accessories meets appropriate standards.

Dress standards include but are not limited to:





1. T-Shirts/tops with inappropriate writing or logos.

Examples include: nudity, drugs, gangs/ related crimes, hateful speech or slurs, lewd and vulgar statements, tobacco, sex, weapons, violence, and/or alcohol.  

2. Tops/shirts that may reveal excessive breast area or thoracic cage.

3. See through clothing.

4. Cut off/ sleeveless shirts (can be worn only with a sweater over it inside the building)

Sleeveless/spaghetti tops could be pulled off or fall down throughout the day in certain situations.  

5. Lingerie/Undergarments. 




1. No ripped jeans with holes above the mid-thigh

2. Skirts/shorts/dresses going above the mid-thigh or pelvic area

3. Opaque leggings are to be worn with shorts or skirts no shorter than the above-mentioned length.

5. Excessively loose bottoms that may expose underwear or genitalia. 

6. Bottoms with inappropriate writing or logos. 

7. Lingerie/Undergarments




1. Students wearing hooded sweatshirts/jackets must keep their hoods off inside the building.  Failure to remove the hood may result in confiscation of the sweatshirts/jacket.

      Hood usage could lead to issues with identifying a student within school property.




1. Bare feet

2. High heeled shoes/platforms measuring 3 inches or higher

3. Strapless slippers and sandals

4. Slides (with the exception of school sport activities) *except crocs* 

            The usage of any of this footwear could lead to a risk of safety in an emergency situation.




1.  Bandanas 

2.  Headwear with any inappropriate writing or logos 

Examples include: nudity, drugs, gangs/ related crimes, hateful speech or slurs, lewd and vulgar statements, tobacco, sex, weapons, violence, and/or alcohol.




Any accessories that may be considered obscene, offensive, and unsafe will not be permitted to be worn.  This includes but not limited to:

1.  Accessories with any inappropriate writing or logos.

Examples include: nudity, drugs, gangs/ related crimes, hateful speech or slurs, lewd and vulgar statements, tobacco, sex, weapons, violence, and/or alcohol. 

2. Containing any type of spikes or metal studs

3. No initial/drug symbol belt buckles

4. Bandanas




1. Students may be talked to privately outside of the classroom setting by teacher or administrator. 

2. Opportunity to comply with dress code violation

    i.e., change clothing, call home for replacements.

3. Confiscation of clothing violation (pick up after     school). NON-COMPLIANT

4. School service assigned (paper pick up)

5. Parent contact.

6. When enforcing the dress code, every effort shall be made to limit interruptions to student education.

7. Respect should be maintained from both dress code enforcers and students

No derogatory language or public humiliation may be used when addressing a dress code concern. *

8. White slips handed to students for dress code violation with the proper reason(s)