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Period 1- Honors English 10A
Period 2- English 10A
Period 4- AP English Literature
Period 5- English 10A
Period 6- Honors English 10A

Course Syllabi

Periods 2,5- English 10A: Syllabus 
Period 4- AP English Literature:  Syllabus 

Periods 1,6- Honors English 10A: Syllabus 

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Mx. Emily Solorzano


Mx. Solorzano's Classroom Expectations



Expectations: As your teacher, I hold very high expectations for you. I expect you to always do your best and work hard to learn all you can. If you are having difficulties with assignments or are struggling in class, I expect that you will come to see me so we can discuss those issues. Communication is key.

Expectations for behavior:

-Be respectful of yourself and others. Remember to THINK before you act. Also, be nice to the snails. They are small and helpless and like your community look to you for safety and happiness. Don't betray their or my trust when engaging with them.

-Always bring your supplies to class: Bravo agenda, laptop, writing utensil, writer's notebook, and any other material relevant to our units. 

-Work hard, and do your best. Your best may look different every day, but you should always be able to take pride in what you do.

-Ask questions, seek help, and be prepared to think.

Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior:

Warning- If I have a conversation with you about your attitude towards class or your behavior, please simply do what it takes to remedy it so we may continue learning. You are responsible for your own behavior, and you will be held accountable for the decisions you make. Communicate with me how you're feeling and what you need so we may find what works for you.

Action- If the unacceptable behavior continues after the warning has been given, appropriate action will be taken. Examples of action taken in order to stop the behavior and/or further prevent the behavior include changing seats, removal from classroom, loss of classroom privileges, etc.

Administrative/Parental Involvement- Administration and/or parents will become involved if the unacceptable behavior persists even after action has been taken.


AP Lit Students- Feeling a little nervous?


Tutoring for English 10 and AP English Literature will be announced at the beginning of the semester. Tutoring is from 4:00pm - 5:15pm!

**Students with a 62% or lower in the class are REQUIRED to attend at least one day of tutoring per week** 

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Contact me!

Students may reach out to me via Remind, Schoology Messaging, or Email at any time to ask questions or express concerns. Parents may also reach out to me via phone call or Zoom during my Office Hours (Period 4).

Los estudiantes pueden iniciar sesión durante mi horario de oficina. Padres también pueden comunicarse conmigo en cualquier momento por correo electrónico, y con mensajes de Schoology.



Student Recs Reading List

Books on this list were identified by my students to be fast favorites. Many are available in my classroom and the school library. 

Click here to access supplementary reading list!



Community Guidelines Contracts

These are to be signed and returned at the beginning of the school year but are always accessible here. Students will be held to these expectations regardless of their contract's return status. 

10th Grade Student/Guardian Contract: English/ Español


AP Literature Student/Guardian Contract