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Back to School Night

Back to School Night will be available via Zoom.  Each course on Schoology will have the link.  Hope to see you there. 

Office Hours

Office hours are available daily by appointment.  Please email me to set up a meeting.

Rodriguez, Raphael

LAUSD Parent Portal Resources

Magnet Theme Integration

Our school’s magnet theme is medical, but that does NOT mean that everyone who comes here is going to become a doctor or directly enter the medical profession.  Health science and technology depend heavily on college and research, so all of our classes at Bravo that help prepare you for college and teach you how to research are indirectly incorporating those crucial parts of the school’s theme.  In our Honors American Literature class, there will be opportunities to explore various health related topics in our readings and our viewings throughout the school year.  In our Filmmaking class, there will be opportunities to explore various health related topics as part of the public service announcement project and, potentially, for your final film project, as well.  Journalism class, will provide opportunities to explore various health related topics as part of every episode and every issue of Vital Signs

Raphael Rodriguez


Let me start with some gratitude: Thank you so much for becoming my students!  Thank you for returning to another year of school.  Thank you for adding room 312 to your day’s routine. My name is Raphael Rodriguez and I am honored to be your teacher. 


Welcome, Class of 2024!  I have wanted to meet you for two years.  Why – because you are the only class of students ever to begin high school from home.  Every class of freshmen before you began high school the traditional way, the ordinary way – but even before you had done any assignment for high school, before you had written any essay, before you had memorized any dates, before you had solved any problems, you were asked to do the EXTRAordinary.  You were asked to start one of the most important eras of your life in a way that NO ONE had ever done so before.  You were asked to go where there was no path to follow and then left a trail for others that might come after.  If you can do that – and you already did – I can’t wait to see what else you accomplish.  


Welcome, Film Students!  We all know the past two and a half years have been a challenge.  Humanity has been through a lot and so many of us have felt like we were living in a movie – and we used movies and shows and games to help us pass through this time and connect with each other. 


So, yes, we have had some incredibly hard times these past years but you are here, we are here, and together we will all continue to get through this historic time.  All of us in education: your teachers, your counselors, your support staff, and your families, are here for you and will do our best, so please feel empowered to reach out when you need help.  We have worked hard to prepare this year for you and make it as relevant and thoughtful as possible, but we will probably make mistakes along the way – we are learning and adapting, too – so thank you for being patient and kind as we join together for the journey of another school year.

Course Schedule

Course Introduction Videos

Bravo Grammar Con Online

Click here for last year's student created Book of Writing projects made by my 11th Grade American Literature classes.  Each student wrote their own book on writing throughout the first semester.

Bravo Vital Signs

Click here to see our school newspapers and magazines created by the Journalism Class.  The class puts together at least one issue per month.

Course Syllabi

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

Intervention Strategies

Our classes have various kinds of intervention available that are designed to service different student needs – usually geared toward two areas: skills-based remediation and habits-based incentive.  In English, skills-based needs are areas of reading or writing that need additional help in order to come up to grade level.  For those students who need additional help to get either their writing or reading skills up, unlimited redoing of assignments to practice skills is available with an embedded reflection piece to identify growth.  Additionally, most Monday class meetings are purely for instructional support – so help is available on an individualized need basis.  Habits-based needs require different forms of incentives to help students adjust their time management and budgeting skills.  These are some of the habits-based incentives offered in this class:

  • 50% bonus for fully completing assignments at least one full day early to incentivize effective planning
  • Unlimited redoing of ANY assignment or test that is turned in on time with no penalty – you can do anything you turn in over as many times as you need to get the grade you want – to incentivize effort and growth
  • Automatic 100% on each assignment that THE ENTIRE CLASS submits – so if everyone in class turns in any assignment or project FULLY COMPLETED, each student in the class gets maximum credit (I will still assess and comment on your work, but this is done to incentivize collective growth)
  • Bonus credit available for meeting additional learning targets in each assignment – for example: each week students are required to master ten (10) of the week’s twenty-five (25) SAT words, but can earn bonus credit for mastering as many of the rest as they want (up to 150% extra credit)
  • Customization of most assignments and projects to incorporate students’ personal interests and encourage their creativity.


Students are encouraged to be proactive advocates for themselves.  All of us at the school are here to help your education, but you have to be in charge of your voice and use it.  If you don’t understand something, please ask questions.  Also, be open to challenges – don’t give up when things are difficult or seem overwhelming.  There are no impossibilities in education.  If you are behind, the first person I will talk to is you to see what we can do and you will have space to pick yourself up.  If our communication’s improvement goals need additional help, I will talk to your counselor and parents/guardians.  The reverse is also valid, meaning if you don’t feel you are learning enough or if anything seems too simple and does not challenge you enough, please ask me for modifications to enrich what you are doing and give you a stronger sense of academic growth.

Civic Engagement